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My name is Peter. I am a turf grass enthusiast. My entire life has been spent maintaining turf in the transition zone. At 11 years old I started working at Rocking Horse Farm, helping out around the stables and cleaning out the fence line. It was there that I first found my passion for maintaining turf grass. Although the mowing and weed whacking I was doing was far from Country Club quality the satisfaction I received after a hard days work resonated deep within me.

I began to pursue my new found passion by attending a 2 week Landscaping course when I was 15. It was there that I first learned the proper techniques in turf and plant care. I quickly began doing work for all of my parents friends and with that came the decision to start my own landscaping company.

After graduating from high school I attended a year long trade school and got certified in Property Care and Management. It was there that I got my first taste of golf course maintenance. Embassy Hills Golf Course was a 9 hole facility that had 2 sets of tees, in case you wanted to play 18, you would get a different look at the greens the second time around. I was in charge of the whole thing. spraying, mowing, maintaining the reels, irrigation repair, all of it was on my shoulders and I loved it. I learned every aspect of golf course maintenance and fell in love with it all. The irrigation system was antiquated and completely useless, half the holes were shut down because there were so many leaks. There was a combination of Rain Bird, Toro, and Hunter heads sprinkled throughout the course. Along with the pipe leaks there were numerous crossed wired and box issues, most of the time when you programmed water different heads would come on than the day before.

The Course was in bad shape but I didn't see that. I saw a blank slate with my name on it. I tackled the irrigation first asking my instructor as many questions as I could. The course had no money and was "busy" if we got 20 golfers, all of my repairs to the heads came from parts that had been stored in the shed for years. Unbeknown to me this would be a huge asset, I got to work on all 3 major heads at the same time and learn them inside and out, even down to replacing hydraulic lines and stators. By the time I left I had all the irrigation in good working order and we were even able to program run cycles over night and sleep easy.

I left Embassy Hills Golf Course and my trade school with a strong sense of what turf care required and looked like and despite the joy I had working at the Course I was still set on owning a Landscaping co. Flash forward almost 10 years and that passion for turf maintenance is still there. I have owned a Landscaping Company and I loved it. But even more than that I love seeing fog roll over a fairway as the sun peeks above the trees while I'm checking moisture on my greens. I love seeing the fruit of my hard work every day, the challenge of keeping a Bentgrass green alive in august, and the challenge of developing new strategies and plans to decrease disease pressure without blowing our budget. I'm enthusiastic about my job and my career, I never want to stop learning and I'm not afraid to ask questions of it means I can do my job better. I am the Guardian of my greens.

I am Peter Danaher, Superintendent Rock Creek Golf Course.

Peter Danaher, Golf Course Superintendent, Resume

Peter S. Danaher
13406 Misty Way Fredericksburg VA 22407
Phone: 540-424-9535

Objective:  To obtain a high level position where I can utilize the skills and knowledge I have gained through managing turf in the transition zone over the last 10 years.

Rutgers University 
·      Professional Golf Turf Management School Class of 2016
Germanna Community College
·      Business and Accounting Classes
International ALERT Academy
·      Property Care and Management Certification

Work Experience:
Rock Creek Golf Course, Washington DC
Superintendent - 2013 to Present
·      Brought historic Rock Creek Golf Course out of decline and restored it to its former glory and luster by improving turf quality and implementing standards of excellence
·      Increased revenue and rounds by 12% in my first year by increasing quality of the playing surface and addressing and resolving long standing problems on the course
·      Renovated the iconic 17th green to restore it to its notoriety as one of the top three par three holes in the Maryland, DC, Virginia region as described by the Washingtonian in 2008
·      Rebuilt and restored the current irrigation system on the tees and greens, fixed or replaced over 60% of the valves and 50% of the heads on site
·      Collaborated with the National Park Service to develop ecologically sound weed control programs and environmentally friendly management programs
·      Increased productivity and efficiency by developing teaching and training programs that emphasized standards of excellence, safety, and integrity
·      Oversaw daily maintenance operations and helped develop long-term strategies for the success of the golf course
·      Rebuilt 35% of the existing tees and designed and built 18 new tees

Wellspring Lawn and Landscape, Fredericksburg Virginia
Owner – 2011 to 2013
·      ­­Increased managed accounts by over 50% a year for three straight years by providing the highest quality service and producing an excellent “need to have” product
·      Designed, planned and managed finances and materials on numerous landscaping projects
·      Developed strategies to increase efficiency and revenue
·      Managed projects such as maintenance, installs, tree trimming and felling, equipment upkeep, retaining walls, and drainage issues
·      Experience hiring and managing crews

Cannon Ridge Golf Course, Fredericksburg Virginia 
Irrigation Tech – 2010 to 2011
·      One of Golf Digests 4 star best places to play 06, 08, 09
·      Prepared the course for numerous golf tournaments
·      Troubleshot and resolved wiring issue
·      Gained experience fixing various pipe sizes and valves
·      Rebuilt numerous tees
·      Participated in daily operations and upkeep

Peeks Nursery and Lawn Care, Fredericksburg Virginia
Lead Foreman – 2007 to 2010
·      Supervised resources and crew on a daily basis
·      Managed maintenance of 15-20 accounts daily
·      Developed strategies to increase productivity and efficiency

Embassy Hills Golf Course, Big Sandy Texas
Assistant Superintendent – 2006 to 2007
·      Developed strategies to solve weed and maintenance issues
·      Troubleshot and rebuilt entire irrigation system
·      Developed strategies to handle wiring issues around the course
·      Fixed problems with the pump and the pump intake
·      Trained on proper tree felling, trimming and topping procedures

Related Skills:
·      Experience operating heavy equipment
·      Experience maintaining and setting reels
·      Experience developing teaching and training programs
·      Experience maintaining golf course equipment
·      Experience managing diverse crews
·      Experienced in tree felling, trimming, and topping in high value areas
·      Proficient with chain saw maintenance and operation
·      Proficient with operating and calibrating sprayers
·      Experience in construction and home remodeling  
·      Experience in equipment maintenance
·      Extensive experience in planning and budgeting projects